Preschooler (3-5 Years)

Are you ready to get your own bed back after your child has been sleeping with you?

Is bedtime taking waaay too long because your child is stalling and/or needs you there?

Does your child still wake at night when you thought he'd for sure be sleeping all night by now?

       Highly recommended!! We never thought we would get our almost 4 year old out of our bed. He’s been in our room since birth and in our bed once he was big enough. We tried so many times to transition him to his own room and eventually just gave up. We haven’t tried anything in over a year and we gave this a try. Ashley’s plan had him in his own bed immediately without any tears!! He’s proud of himself and loves sleeping in his bed and we are finally sleeping through the night again too!


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Preschooler One-on-One Support
(3-5 years)

This package includes:

  • comprehensive assessment of everthing affecting your child's sleep

  • personalized sleep plan with the following:

    • background information/explanation of sleep issues

    • step-by-step sleep training directions decided by your goals 

    • schedule/nap help 

    • applicable tips and tricks

    • help with caregivers, if applicable

  • my one-on-one support throughout the whole process

    • Contact me daily, as needed, for help as you work through the plan.​

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Basic Support

Custom Plan + 1 week of email support  


Unlimited 1 Week

Custom Plan + 1 week of email and text support   $210

Unlimited 2 Weeks

Custom Plan + 2 weeks of email and text support   $260