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Follow-ups and Add-ons 

Do you need something added on to your package? 

Are you a past client in need of some additional help now that your child has grown and changed?

These add-ons and follow-ups may be just what you need! Contact me for more information and/or to purchase any of these options.

Sibling Support

Add an additional child to any sleep package you choose, to receive help for multiple children. You will receive one sleep plan with customized sections for each child. 

(Twins with the same sleep issues will receive one plan and do not need Sibling Support.)

*If you are a past client and are coming back to train another child, you will receive a 10% discount on any new sleep package. 


First Night Support

Add this on to your sleep package to receive on-demand text support until 11pm on your first night of training. It's like I'm right there with you! 


*The date of your first night must be agreed upon by both parties prior to beginning sleep training. Dates are subject to availability. 


Support Extra Week Add-on

  • For current clients to add more time to their package, if needed. 

  • For past clients to get help later with things like nap transitions, sleep regressions, or new issues that pop up as their child grows and develops. 

1 Week Email

Current Client - $75

Follow-Up - $100

1 Week Email and Text

Current Client - $175

Follow-Up - $200

Phone Chat Consultation

  • For current clients who would like to discuss their plan or sleep training over a phone call. This can be added at any time during your support. 

  • For past clients who want to discuss new issues or transitions that come up as their child grows and changes. 

30 Minutes


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