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        I offer both Mini E-Courses for "smaller" sleep issues and Sleep Training E-Courses, which are an entire sleep training plan! All courses that I offer are listed below. Click the course to view more information.

"Best 38 dollars I have ever spent! Such a simple routine but has come with dramatic change in bedtime and their attitudes during the day because they are getting plenty of sleep now!"

-Dana, mom of 3
Overcoming Bedtime Battles E-Course

"As new parents, we didn’t know much about newborn sleep or how to set up our baby for successful and restful sleep in the future. Ashley’s New Bundle of Joy E-Course was so helpful for us! Even though our son was only a couple weeks old at the time, we learned so much about things we could begin practicing for happy and healthy sleep (for us as parents and for our baby). I would even recommend doing the E-Course just before the baby’s expected arrival to be ahead of the game. Thank you so much for your help, Ashley!!"

Mary Ashley,
New Bundle of Joy Sleep E-Course

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