Baby (4-12 Months)

Was your baby sleeping well and then all-of-a-sudden something changed around 4 months?

Does your baby need you to rock, feed, bounce, etc. to get him to sleep every time

Are you still up multiple times a night when you thought your baby would be sleeping all night by now?

"I can’t say enough good things about this sleep program! Ashley brought my sanity back to me. I started the program over a month ago and my 10 month old has been sleeping through the night every night since, with consistent naps at the same time every day. I feel like a new woman! Thank you Ashley!!"    -Kiley

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Baby One-on-One Support

This package includes:

  • comprehensive assessment of everthing affecting your child's sleep

  • personalized sleep plan with the following:

    • background information/explanation of sleep issues

    • step-by-step sleep training directions decided by your goals 

    • schedule/nap help 

    • applicable tips and tricks

    • help with caregivers, if applicable

  • my one-on-one support throughout the whole process

    • Contact me daily, as needed, for help as you work through the plan.​


Basic Support

Custom Plan + 1 week of email support  


Unlimited 1 Week

Custom Plan + 1 week of email and text support   $210

Unlimited 2 Weeks

Custom Plan + 2 weeks of email and text support   $260