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Newborn (0-15 Weeks)

Are you wondering if your newborn's sleep behavior is normal?

Do you find yourself under a baby who will only sleep ON you most of the day?

Are you wanting to lay a foundation of good sleep skills for your newborn so you can get better rest asap?

      I had no idea what I was doing with my first baby (I wasn't yet a sleep consultant). My experience with my second and third babies was so much different because I had a plan. The newborn stage was still rough, as expected. However, with a plan, I was able to get my newborns sleeping in their cribs, for naps and long stretches at night, and going to sleep independently...all by the end of the newborn stage!

The information in my E-course is exactly what I used to get there!

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New Bundle of Joy Sleep E-Course

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The newborn sleep e-course goes over the following:

  • background information about sleep, both generally for all and for newborns

  • safe sleep guidelines

  • setting up an effective sleep environment
  • what to expect in the first couple of months

  • soothing techniques

  • skills to practice during the newborn stage to lay the foundation for good sleep later 

  • a look ahead after the newborn phase

*Great for new or expectant parents! This can also be purchased as a gift- ask me how!

"Life/sleep with a newborn really caught me off guard! I was so thankful for Ashley’s help and suggestions to get through the first few weeks successfully. Our little one now sleeps long stretches at night (and so do we) on her own. Ashley’s advice helped us to quickly help her transition her days and nights. Her answers to our questions made these new parents very thankful!"  ~Nancy

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Free Downloads

Looking for a starting point? Get instant access to one of these free resources to help!

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Sleep Times Chart

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Pacifiers and Sleep

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