Individualized Services

Do you go to bed every night dreading the amount of times you will have to wake up? 

Do you wish you could kiss your child goodnight, put him in bed, and walk out of the room?

Do you desire more confidence about your child's naps and daily schedule? 

Better days and nights can be yours soon. Let's get started!

0-15 Weeks
4-12 Months
13-35 Months
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3-5 Years

"Out of nowhere our 3 year old girl started hating going to sleep and then would come into our room every night! Bed times took 2+ hours some nights and she would end up sleeping on our floor every night. The week we started with Ashley, she stayed in her room the whole night! We were so grateful to have found this program."  - Jill

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FAQ: Do I have to let my child cry? 

        You don't have to do anything. However, to move forward with sleep training, you need to be prepared for some crying. I don't use the true CIO method that leaves a child alone, without any check-ins at all, until he falls asleep independently. I also don't use any one particular method. I will get to know you and your child first, then design a plan that is right for you. I will provide tips and make sure all of the ducks are in a row to set your child up for better success, to limit as much crying as possible. But no matter how we go about it- changes need to happen in order to see improvement. I don't know about you, but I don't always love change. That doesn't mean it's bad, though, and I eventually adjust to it. Babies are no different. It is very likely there will be some protest to these changes, no matter how we go about it. You do need to be ready to commit and follow through, even with any crying, in order to see success.