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Total Blackout Solution- BlackoutEZ

Updated: Jan 7

I woke up at my normal time this morning, stumbled into the bathroom, and there I saw it...light coming through the bathroom window! This is exciting because it means the sun and spring weather are soon to be around much more. However, it also means that we're heading into the seasons with longer days.

The only negative of this is that if your child's windows (or yours) are not totally 100% blacked out, then the extra daylight could inhibit his sleep. He could start waking earlier in the morning, with the sun. On days when it's light out well past his bedtime, he could also have trouble falling asleep until the sun goes down. A total blackout solution for the window is a must to prevent these issues.

Total Blackout Curtains

There are a lot of blackout curtains on the market that claim to be 100% blackout. However, you hang a curtain on a rod- so, the curtain is not against the window or wall. Therefore, a lot of light can still come in on the top and sides of the curtains. Sure, the curtain itself might not be letting any light through it, but it's unfortunately not a total blackout solution. So, if you see some that are cute and fit in with your decor, go for it for that reason. But don't buy blackout curtains thinking they will actually provide 100% blackout.

BlackoutEZ Window Covers

The solution we use in our house that IS 100% total blackout are the BlackoutEZ window covers. We actually have them in all 3 bedrooms, ours included, because we really like sleep too! So, we have the BlackoutEZ covers in a total of 5 windows and we LOVE them. Here's a list of the main reasons I love them:

  • They are customizable. You measure your window frame, cut, and install. Easy peazy.

  • They aren't permanent. You can take them down to let the natural light in and then put them back up in seconds when it's time for sleep. (They install with Velcro around the window frame).

  • They come in white on both sides, so they aren't an eye-sore inside or outside (also come in black if that's more your style).

  • They actually are 100% total blackout!

  • They can be rolled up and stored in the closet or a corner when not in use.

The first picture shows what BlackoutEZ looks like from the outside (excuse our siding that needs washed). The second and third pictures show it on the inside. The second one has it pulled halfway down so you can see it's a very sunny day, but there's no light coming in at the bottom, where the cover is attached.

Go check them out! The following link is an affiliate link: BlackoutEZ

You can use the code SAVE10 for 10% off (not an affiliate code).


If you're wondering why having total blackout is important, check out this post: How Does Light Affect Sleep? If you need a total blackout window solution, check out BlackoutEZ! We love ours and highly recommend them!

~Ashley Bell, pediatric sleep consultant

IG: @littlebellsleepsolutions

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