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Travel Tip: The SlumberPod

Updated: Oct 24

Summer is coming and you know what that means...warmth and vacations!!! One of my biggest travel recommendations for giving your child a dark, private place to sleep on-the-go is the SlumberPod. A SlumberPod is a privacy tent that goes over a travel crib or toddler cot. It has ventilation panels to keep your baby cool and has passed extensive safety tests. We've used ours on many vacations, at church, and even at grandparents' and babysitter's houses.

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A SlumberPod is the quickest and easiest way to provide total blackout for your child, no matter where he's sleeping. When you're going on vacation, you may not always know ahead of time how many windows there will be, modification restrictions, and/or exactly where your child will even sleep. With a SlumberPod, none of that matters! You can put your child right in any room and he can sleep in darkness even with the lights on. Yep, you can sit and chat or play a game in the hotel room with the lights on and your child can still sleep in darkness. No more "lights out" at 7:30pm so your baby can sleep!

If you'll be traveling a lot, I think it's worth buying a SlumberPod, especially because you can even use it through the toddler years with a portable toddler cot. If you are interested in buying one, you can use my code for 5% off: littlebellsleepsolutions

SlumberPod Website

How to Rent a SlumberPod

If you don't travel often enough to make it worth the purchase, or you want to try it first, I am now offering SlumberPod rental for people in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas! SlumberPod rental is only $9/day. You can reserve your spot now!

If you're interested in renting, first view my SlumberPod rental calendar to see if your needed dates are open. If they are, you can contact me to get your name on the list! It will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

*Payment is due up front to reserve your spot and you are responsible for picking it up and dropping it off in Shaler (just north of the city). A SlumberPod rental agreement will be sent with more details.


A SlumberPod is an awesome way to give your child that dark, private sleep space he's used to anywhere you go! Renting a pod can be the way to go if you don't travel often, or would like to try it out before buying one. Contact me with any questions!

~Ashley Bell, pediatric sleep consultant

IG: @littlebellsleepsolutions

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