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Tips for an Easy Crib Transition

Updated: Jan 8

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Putting your newborn baby into a crib is like having a huge wall with only one little picture on it. I love a good gallery wall, fill it up! A baby just looks so tiny in a big crib. Many parents start their little one out in something much smaller, like a bassinet. Once the baby gets used to this, it can be hard to transition him into the crib when it becomes necessary because he has grown too big, starts to roll, or pulls himself up. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease the transition.

Can My Baby Sense My Smell?

If the baby was previously sleeping in a bassinet or co-sleeper right next to you, then your smell could be comforting to him during the transition. Take a few dirty shirts (so your natural smell is on them) of yours and stuff them down in between the crib slats and mattress, all around the crib. They should not actually be in the crib with him for safety reasons, but the baby will still be near the familiar smell just as he was before. Do this for a few nights and then gradually take the shirts away once the baby has fully transitioned to the crib.

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Spend Time in the Nursery

Spend more time near the crib or in the nursery during the day. Early on it is common for most of the time with the baby to be spent in the parents' room and in the living spaces. The baby's room is sometimes just used for diaper changes and quick grabs of items needed. When you want to transition him into that space, it is important to get him acquainted with it first. Make it a point to play in there some during the day so it becomes a familiar space. Even if you are planning to transition to a crib in the parents' room, you can still make it a point to spend more time during the day getting him familiar with the crib itself.

Take Baby Steps

Try to have the baby take a nap in the crib first, then two naps, etc. Once he is more comfortable with the crib, try night sleep as well. Ease in to the transition rather than going cold turkey.

If you're still having trouble after trying these tips, then I can help you work through any other issues that could be hindering the transition. If you need to sleep train as well, it is best to do sleep training and the crib transition at the same time. Contact Me


When a baby gets used to one sleep space, it can be hard to transition him to a crib, especially if he's also transitioning to a new room. Try the above tips to ease the transition and get your baby sleeping happily in the crib!

~Ashley Bell, pediatric sleep consultant

IG: @littlebellsleepsolutions

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