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Why I Love It: 

The SlumberPod solves sleep issues during vacation travel, at grandma's/babysitter's house, daycare, etc. It encloses the baby (in a Pack n' Play, toddler cot, or mattress) in a tent to keep light and distraction out. No more putting baby in the hotel bathroom or trying to hang blankets up in the window to make it darker! It has vents for breathing and even a clear pocket so you can place your video monitor and still see your little one! 


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Halo SleepSack - Why I Love It:

The Halo SleepSack has multiple fabrics for different seasons of the year, tons of patterns to choose from, and Velcro to keep those little arms swaddled in! This was my favorite for the newborn stage. It can also be used with the arms out as a regular sleep sack during the winter.

Halo SleepSack

Love to Dream 50/50 - Why I Love It:

Some babies, once they get a bit older, still like to be swaddled but also like to have their hands by their face. This swaddle allows them to do so, which also encourages them to learn to self-soothe. This swaddle is wonderful when it comes to transitioning them out of the swaddle, because you can zip one or both arms off to gradually ease them out of it!

Love to Dream 50/50

Check out my blog post about my favorite swaddles for more details! 

Baby Deedee Sleep Sack - Why I Love It:

If you live in a place that gets really cold in the winter, this is a great option to keep your baby warm before he's able to have blankets in the crib with him. It's quilted and thick, so it will keep baby warm even when it's super cold out!

Baby Deedee

Other Sleep Gear

White Noise Machine - Why I Love It:

White (or pink or brown) noise is a must to help baby sleep by drowning out all background noises! (It can even help you sleep too!) I love this one because it has quite a few volume and sound options and my favorite feature- a backup rechargeable battery! Baby will still sleep even if the power goes out! It fits in the palm of your hands, but still has great volume. 

Lectrofan Micro 2

Blackout EZ - Why I Love It:

This is the ultimate window cover to block out all light! It comes in black or white and is so easy to install. I did it myself at 8 months pregnant! The best part is it uses Velcro, so you can take it off when you want natural light and easily put it right back up when it's time for sleep. It completely blocks out all light and looks so much better than the black trash bags I used to use!

These are available on Amazon, but are not eligible for Prime and are actually more expensive there. Order from the official website to save money! Use code SAVE10 for 10% off!

Blackout EZ Website*

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