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The Face behind Little Bell Sleep Solutions

Hello! I'm Ashley Bell.

I have three darling little ones, Gideon, Phoebe, and Ezra. We live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, along with my husband, Evan. I have a background in elementary education, and worked for 11 years as a curriculum-writer. Teaching people and creating plans is in my blood, no matter what the content may be. Now, I teach people how to get healthy rest for their whole family!

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Why I Became a Sleep Consultant

When Gideon was a newborn, I became very interested in his sleep...or lack thereof. If I had a nickel for every time I hummed a round of Jesus Loves Me while rocking him to sleep, I would be writing this from my private beach house in Fiji. I started to scour the Internet, and many different books, to find answers to my sleepless nights.


Instead of answers, what I found was a jumbled mess of information. Much of it was someone's opinion or thing that worked for their child. Some people swear by this method, while others say another one is the best. You can find a blog or book to teach you about a technique, and then turn around and find a blog or book saying it doesn't work. What many of them don't take into account is the actual science of sleep, and also the individual child. There are some resources out there that are backed by solid research and science, but even still, sleep training is not one size fits all. Just because a certain method worked for your friend's child, does not mean it will work for yours.


This is what led me to become a certified pediatric sleep specialist. I wanted to learn the science behind sleep to better understand why and how we need to sleep train our children. Through my training in an accredited program, I learned all of the many pieces that make up good sleep, as well as a wide variety of techniques to sleep train. 

My experiences with Phoebe and Ezra were so much different because I had much more knowledge. I was also able to practice the foundational sleep skills with them during the newborn stage. 

"My daughter never slept more than an hour at a time until I decided to get help from Ashley at 8 months. I was going to try a sleep training method using books/online advice but I am so glad I got personalized help from Ashley instead! She was very responsive and tailored my daughter’s sleep schedule based on how things were going...My munchkin now sleeps through the night and takes naps like a champ- it has been a lifesaver and we couldn't have done it without Little Bell." 


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