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I'm a well-rested Mama who loves to teach others how to become well-rested too. My own three little Bells are my inspiration. When my oldest was a baby, I had no idea what I was doing and I was exhausted. I remember dreading each night because I was so scared to find out how many times I'd be waking up. There was not enough coffee in the world to help me. Thankfully, that's all behind me now. My experience with my younger two (after becoming a sleep consultant) was much different and more enjoyable!

0-15 Weeks

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4-12 Months
13-35 Months
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3-5 Years

"Out of nowhere our 3 year old girl started hating going to sleep and then would come into our room every night! Bed times took 2+ hours some nights and she would end up sleeping on our floor every night. The week we started with Ashley, she stayed in her room the whole night! We were so grateful to have found this program."  - Jill

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