Customized Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Every Child is Different

Maybe you've already tried ALL THE THINGS to get your child to sleep and it's still not working. Why? Every child is different. Just because something worked for your friend's child, doesn't mean it will work for yours. Also, the foundation of sleep is like a puzzle- there are a lot of little pieces that need to fit together.


Don't have time to figure out how all of the pieces fit together?


Don't have time to read even one more article or blog post that may or may not be the answer for your child?


Don't waste another minute; that's what I'm here for! 

The Custom Plan

The first step in creating a customized sleep plan is learning all about you and your child through my online assessment form. When creating your unique plan, I will factor in things like his/her age, temperament, developmental skills, sleep issues and habits, and your goals for sleep training. Each customized sleep plan includes step-by-step directions to sleep train, as well as details that may be impacting your child's sleep, like schedule, routines, environment, and more. The plan also includes researched-based explanations for why each part of the plan will positively impact your child's sleep.


The details of each package are listed under the Services section. You can choose the package that is best for you to carry out the plan. Nights of restful sleep can be in your near future with a customized sleep plan!

A customized sleep plan can help you solve:
  • newborn education/practice

  • frequent night wakings

  • early morning wakings

  • dependency on sleep props (nursing, rocking, pacifier, etc.)

  • nap issues

  • schedule/routine problems

  • night weaning 

  • sleep regressions/developmental leaps

  • co-sleeping transitions

  • keeping a toddler in bed

  • and more! 

"Out of nowhere our 3 year old girl started hating going to sleep and then would come into our room every night! Bed times took 2+ hours some nights and she would end up sleeping on our floor every night. The week we started with Ashley, she stayed in her room the whole night! We were so grateful to have found this program."  - Jill

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The Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting is a sleep consultant certification program accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.